8 great examples of Welsh charities using Twitter well

Twitter isn’t just a place to complain and argue! The platform can be a really positive place, with a large number of Welsh charities using it to raise money, lobby and connect supporters.

Although this blogpost isn’t scientific or complete, I hope these examples will provide some inspiration.

1. Insole Court, Cardiff

This is a small local charity making the most of its opportunities, with a friendly, bilingual voice tempting you to visit the mansion house in Llandâf.

2. Mind Cymru

With powerful video content and a clear message, this mental health charity is lobbying the Government to act urgently.

3. Gôl Cymru

Celebrating successes is important for attracting supporters and building a relationship with them, as well as raising your brand’s profile. Gôl Cymru ensures they share good photos of their work, with straightforward descriptions of their projects.

4. Welsh Mountain Zoo

Great images should be central to any social media strategy. Of course, a zoo’s a great place to capture them, but you also need to connect the pictures with your key messages, which is what the Welsh Mountain Zoo does well.

5. Welsh Women’s Aid

This charity uses strong and clear words and images to help women, respond to issues in the news and campaign for change.

6. Play Wales

I love this tweet! It’s an important piece of information, but it’s not the most exciting message. By using an image which connects the brand and the message in an entertaining way, Play Wales grabs the attention of its audience.

7. Coed Cadw – Woodland Trust Cymru

Coed Cadw uses Twitter in a number of creative ways, combing sharing information about events, celebrating forests, and campaigning. This thread analyses the statistics and shares solutions.

8. Cardiff Rivers Group

Social media should be, well, social! Well done to Cardiff Rivers Group, not only for their work, but also for the way they thank volunteers and respond to others online, strengthening their community.

What do you think of these examples? Are there others I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

If you need advice or support with your charity/non-profit communications, then get in touch.

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