If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation, I’d love to help you capture and share your stories and connect with your audiences.

My approach is all about inspiring people with human interest stories, and being strategic.

I work in both Welsh and English, and focus on three main areas:


I can help you find, gather and capture stories that will make a difference, and telling them in the right way for your audience.

For example, that might involve developing case studies or other content for your website, or helping you start a podcast featuring people who will inspire others.

Perhaps you need someone to write articles or blogs for the media, reports or supporter materials? I can also use my TV experience to create videos you can use on social media.


Not sure how best to communicate in your project or organisation? Do you have trouble explaining your work and engaging with the public or politicians?

Through research, discussion and facilitation I can help you bring focus to what you do, develop clear messaging and plot a clear way forward.

For example, I can carry out a communications audit like this one and report back with recommendations. Or perhaps I could bring your team together for a workshop to come up with a new strategy or messaging.


With two decades’ experience in the media and communications, I can help you solve communication problems and develop you and your team’s skills.

I can run a bespoke media training session for your organisation, or perhaps you’d like 1:1 training on podcasting or copywriting. I can also offer more general coaching sessions for communicators.

Let’s talk

If you have a challenge or idea you’d like to discuss, then get in touch for a chat.