With experience in both media and public relations in Wales, I offer a range of freelance communication services in both Welsh and English. My focus is on content, strategy and training, and my work includes:

  • Planning and strategy: Communication audits, advice, facilitation, planning and strategy development
  • Training and advice on media and communication
  • Online content: preparing case studies, text, images, podcasts and video for websites and social media.
  • Copywriting and editing to help you tell your story simply and clearly
  • Messaging and organisational narratives – I can help explain what you do!
  • Writing articles, op-eds and blogs
  • Bilingual communication in Welsh and English
  • Good causes: Social and environmental issues and campaigns, public sector, third sector, charities and non-profit organisations

You can find out more about my clients and projects here.

If you think you might need advice or support, or have an idea you’d like to discuss, do get in touch for a chat.