Minority language radio in Europe (Pt 1)- my feature in Radio User magazine

It’s great to be in print again!

Part one of my two-part feature on Minority Language Radio in Europe is in the Feb 2022 edition of Radio User magazine (available online and in all good newsagents).

In part one, I focus on public service broadcasting, looking at examples in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Catalonia. Radio both reflects the reality of these lesser-used tongues and is a key plank in efforts to safeguard them for the future. In the article, I draw on my own experiences with broadcasting and podcasting in Welsh (from Radio Maldwyn to Podlediad Hefyd), and reflect on how these mirror wider changes in society and technology.

The situation of our minority languages is precarious – I hope radio will develop and help save and strengthen these cultures in future.

Thanks to RTÈ, BBC and Catalunya Radio for their contributions. In part two later this year I’ll look at commercial, community and internet radio and podcasts in Europe’s minority languages.

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