Radio User magazine feature – July 2022

It’s always a pleasure when a new copy of Radio User lands in the post – especially when it features one of my own articles!

If you don’t know the magazine, it covers both techy and more cultural aspects of radio every month (I like both).

Anyway, do pick up the July 2022 issue, where you can read part 2 of my feature on minority language radio.

I’m most grateful to the following stations/websites for their help in putting the piece together, so do have a listen to them if you can:

  • Arvorig FM, a Breton language station
  • Two Lochs Radio in Scotland, which broadcasts programmes in Gaelic
  • Y Pod – a website which acts as a hub or directory for Welsh-language podcasts
  • Radyo an Gernewegva – a Cornish-language radio service, which is available online and via programmes transmitted on various local stations

My research for this piece really underlined how important and relevant radio is to the survival and future of Europe’s smaller languages. Technology is changing fast, opening up new opportunities to serve these language communities, support language learners and inspire the wider world.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine in newsagents (such as WH Smith in Cardiff) and on line.

Why not have a listen to these stations and others like them using Radio Garden too.

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