Fair Trade Wales

Fair Trade Wales supports, grows and promotes the Fair Trade movement in Wales.

Since 2009, it’s campaigned for the rights of farmers and producers in low and medium income countries, who are normally poorly paid and living with the effects of climate change.

I ran a one-day media training session in Cardiff for the charity. The day included presentations, discussions, examples and ‘role-play’ exercises in Welsh and English. Following the training, I provided personalised written feedback.


“At Fair Trade Wales we had a really good day, it was nice to do something as a team and it was really useful training in building confidence. Richard’s expertise and flexibility were brilliant, and it was wonderful to have training tailored to specific Fair Trade themes and topics. This particularly shone through in the practical exercises, which, alongside watching real media interviews, were excellent ways to get us to engage with the subject on a deeper level.”

– Aileen Burmeister, Head of Fair Trade Wales