Ecosystems Knowledge Network

Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN) is a network of over 3,000 people and organisations. It enables the exchange of know-how between professionals, equipping people to achieve more in their work, regardless of whether the environment is their primary focus.

The project

EKN approached me, asking for support to improve its communications.

I recommended a communications audit, in order to establish how well comms are currently helping EKN meet its objectives, and enabling me to suggest areas for development.

I carried out the audit by gathering key documents relating to strategy, reporting and communications, analysing current communications approaches and conducting interviews with internal and external stakeholders. My analysis and recommendations were then presented in a report.


“We quickly got the sense that Richard really is on your side when he is working for you. He showed that he has his client’s interests first and foremost in his mind, doing great work where it plays to his strengths but recommending others where this is more cost effective. With the communications audit that he did for us, incisive and responsive are the top two words that spring to mind to describe his work.”

Dr. Bruce Howard, Director

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